Pumping and Power Equipment Status

Pumping and Power Equipment Status as of October 28, 2021

Drainage Pumps:

Currently the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans has 94 of 99 drainage pumps available for use.

  • DPS 14 in New Orleans East near Jahncke Road- #4 Pump out of service for gear box repairs.  Vendor in possession of gear box performing repairs and work scheduled for completion by mid-November
  • DPS 6 in Lakeview near Metairie Road - I Pump out of service due to pump bearing issue. F Pump is out of service, but work is in progress to repair the electrical rotor.   
    • C Pump performed well during the rain event of October 27, 2021 and is now back in service.
  • DPS 12 in Lakeview near Lake Marina Drive - D Pump out of service; emergency repairs underway and work scheduled for completion by early November
  • DPS 13 on the Westbank near Tall Spruce Drive- #5 Diesel Pump out of service; repairs underway

Please click for more information on the drainage system overview and map.

Underpass Stations:

               All pumps in service.  No reported issue at any underpass stations.


  •               Turbine 1 Out of Service due to Vacuum Issues
  •               Turbine 3 Decommissioned as of May 2021
  •               Turbine 4 available
  •               Turbine 5 available
  •               Turbine 6 available

EMDs #2, #3, #4, and #5 available for use

- EMD #1 out of service undergoing control and vfd fan upgrades. Vendor is having issues with delivery of parts due to the worldwide supply chain backlog.

  •               Frequency Changers #1 and #2 at Carrollton Frequency Changer Facility available for use
  •                Frequency Changer #3 and #4 at Station D available for use
  •                Plant Frequency Changer at CWP available for use
  •               Frequency Changer #2 at Algiers Water Treatment Facility available for use
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