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History & Facts
Our History
A look back at the history of the Sewerage and Water Board.
Board of Directors
A detailed breakdown of the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans' Board of Directors.
The Water System - Water treatment and water quality in New Orleans
• Water Overview
• Water Quality & Lead
• Water Facts
• Water Purification Process
• Water Service Repair Notifications
• Water Quality Check
• Water Related Files
The Sewerage System - Treatment of wastewater and the steps being taken to upgrade the system.
• Sewerage Overview
• Sewerage System Facts
• Sewerage System Upgrades
• SSERP Monthly Progress Report
• Current SSERP Status (GOSSERP)
The Drainage System - New Orleans has one of the most extensive and complex drainage systems in existence.
• Drainage Overview
• Drainage Facts
• Southeast Louisiana Program (SELA) Overview
• Drainage Related Files
Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Katrina represented the greatest challenge ever faced by the Sewerage & Water Board and the City of New Orleans. This section is being provided so that the citizens of New Orleans know of our accomplishments.