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Residential and commercial deposits are based on the size of the meter or connection installed. Deposits may be increased to an amount deemed necessary to properly protect the Sewerage and Water Board.

Deposits are payable within 21 days of the time an application is made to have water turned on or connected. These deposits will be returned when the account is closed and the full amount owed to the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans is satisfied. No refunds are given on hydrant meters. Delinquent final bills will be transferred to any new or other accounts of the customer.

The S&WB may waive a deposit for residential customers who have not been late with more than two payments in the last 12 months. In addition, the Board may refund a deposit for previous customers who have not been late with more than two payments over a two year period at the same address or who may have had deposits refunded at other addresses, also with good paying history. Interest earned on all deposits is factored into our public rates, helping to keep rates down; therefore, no interest is paid to customers on deposits.
Meter Code Size (Inches) Deposit Amount
A 5/8" $ 100.00
B 3/4" $ 100.00
C 1" $ 125.00
D 1 1/2" $ 300.00
E 2" $ 550.00
F 3" $ 550.00
G 4" $ 1000.00
H 6" $ 1500.00
J 8" $ 1500.00
K 10" $ 1500.00
L 12" $ 1500.00
M 16" $ 1500.00
Hydrant Meters BP $ 1500.00
Other Fees
As a result of NSF checks, disconnection of service and meter tampering, the Sewerage and Water Board may add additional fees to your account. Meter connections over 1 inch size may require higher turn-on fees.
Fee Amount Effective Date
NSF $ 25.00 January 1, 2010
Turn On/Off $ 75.00 January 1, 2010
Removal/Reconnect $ 75.00 January 1, 2010
Tampering $ 300.00 February 5, 1990
Safe Drinking Water $ 3.20 April 19, 2000
A handling fee will be charged to all customers whose checks, tendered in payment of Sewerage and Water Board bills, are returned from the bank for any reason. Additional fees may be charged if water service is discontinued due to an NSF check.
Turn On/Off Fee
A Meter Turn-On Fee is added to your bill if the water is turned off for non payment or for an unsigned application.
Reconnection Fee
A Meter Reconnect Fee is added to your bill if the meter is removed for non payment or if the lock is tampered with.
Tampering Fee
A Meter Tampering Fee is added to your bill if additional tampering is found.
Safe Drinking Water Administrative Fee
A fee of $3.20 was authorized by the Louisiana Legislature on April 19, 2000 for the benefit of the Office of Public Health of the Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH). Under the provisions of the legislation, DHH will use the funds generated by the fee to perform all inspections, tests or procedures of public water supplies to comply with the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. The S&WB collects the annual fee on behalf of the state and transfers the proceeds to DHH each year.