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Bid Procedures
Looking to register as a vendor? Visit the Vendor Registration page.
A summary of outstanding bid specifications and Requests for Proposals (RFPs) is shown on the Bid Advertisements & Specifications page.

You may also contact the Purchasing Department by phone or mail to request specifications or to be included on the list of vendors surveyed for price quotes on specific products.

Copies of these bid requests can be obtained from the Purchasing Department by registering below. Registering ensures that you will receive any amendments or additional information related to the bid.

Participation by disadvantaged businesses is strongly encouraged. The following documents list approved disadvantaged business enterprises (DBE).

Construction - Approved Vendor List
Goods & Services / Professional Services - Approved Vendor List
Common Errors Made When Submitting Bids
• Prices must be written in words and numbers (like writing a check). Bids that do not have the prices written in words can be rejected.

• The specifications and all attachments must be attached. If you do not attach the specifications to the bid or proposal, it can be rejected.

• DBE participation percentage must be included on the proper form. Bids that do not include the form, do not show the percentage and description of work, or do not provide an explanation of efforts to obtain DBE partners when there is no participation can be rejected.

• DBE participants must always be subcontractors. The prime contractor does not count toward DBE participation, even if the prime contractor is DBE certified.
The Board may reject any and all bids if they are deemed not in the best interest of the Sewerage and Water Board.