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SWBNO Provides Updates on Water Service, Billing, and Tips to Conserve Water During COVID-19

For Immediate Release: Thursday, April 2 2020

New Orleans – We know this is a difficult time for many of our customers. We also recognize the importance of having clean water while fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why starting March 12, we suspended water shut-offs for the duration of the Mayor’s declared emergency. 

While we have committed to suspending shut-offs, you will still receive a monthly water bill. You don’t have to worry about not having clean water during the emergency, but we do encourage you to continue paying your bill.

This will help ensure that your bill is manageable once we resume normal billing practices. Additionally, the funds help us continue to provide clean water so that you and your neighbors can protect your households’ health during this pandemic.

Because this pandemic has interrupted all our ways of life, we are feeling its impact on SWBNO’s bottom line. With businesses, gathering venues, and other water-using facilities closed, there is less demand for drinking water. As are result, our revenues are down.

We also must point out that we cannot give away free water. It’s against the law. But we will do everything we can when this declared emergency is lifted to work with our customers and the bills that they owe for water and sewer service.

To ease the burden on our customers, we will not be assessing new late fees in March and April, and our suspension of water service shutoffs will remain in place. Please continue to pay for your water and sewer service during this declared emergency.

Additionally, since we are all spending more time at home, here are a few tips to help manage your water usage.

  • Turn the faucet off while brushing your teeth and shaving.
  • Take shorter showers.
  • Check toilets, faucets and pipes for any leaks.
  • Use your automatic dishwashers for full loads only.
  • If you wash dishes by hand, don't leave the water running for rinsing.
  • Water your lawn only during the cool parts of the day.

We thank all of our customers for their patience as we navigate this unprecedented emergency.


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