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Water Line Replacement Project (WLRP)
The intent of the FEMA-Funded Water Line Replacement Program is to restore the City's water distribution system. This is part of a larger City-wide, multi-year infrastructure repair/recovery effort funded by FEMA. A significant level of planning and coordination between DPW, SWBNO, GOHSEP and FEMA is necessary to ensure the City is maximizing available funding.

The S&WB is coordinating design activities with DPW's Recovery Roads Program. A majority of water lines will be replaced concurrently with Recovery Roads Program. The program will be managed on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis.

FEMA worked with S&WB and DPW to develop a systematic, cost effective approach to restore the distribution system. Approximately 135 miles of water lines qualified for replacement citywide. The total estimated value of the FEMA-funded Water Line Replacement Project is $124 million.

More information on the WLRP project can be found in the presentation from January 29, 2015.