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Drainage Overview
New Orleans is like a saucer, levees that have been built to protect us from the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain waters also retain all the rain water that falls with in the city, making the city vulnerable to floods.

Our Drainage System dates back to the turn of the century. In 1896, the New Orleans Drainage Commission was organized to carry out a master drainage plan that had been developed for the city. Three years later in 1899, the Sewerage and Water Board was authorized by the Louisiana Legislature to furnish, construct, operate, and maintain a water treatment and distribution system and a sanitary sewerage system for New Orleans. In 1903, the Drainage Commission was merged with the Sewerage and Water Board to consolidate drainage, water, and sewerage programs under one agency for more efficient operations. This combined organization retained the title Sewerage and Water Board, and remains as such today.