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Water Rates Effective Date:
Water Service Charge
The Water Service charge on your bill is calculated from your connection size. As long as the meter is installed, you will be billed the monthly service charge bill based on the billing chart shown. The charge is based on the costs the S&WB must pay even if you don't use any water. These costs include reading your meter each month, replacing your meter if it needs repair, maintaining adequate water pressure, etc. Since the S&WB must always be prepared to deliver water whenever a meter is installed, this part of your bill is sometimes called the "Ready to Serve" charge.
Service Type:
Meter Size (Inches) Jan 2018
5/8 $7.18
3/4 $8.79
1 $11.15
1 1/2 $18.41
2 $24.28
3 $54.92
4 $95.67
6 $187.79
8 $278.15
10 $377.34
12 $442.89
16 $586.92
Water Quantity Charge
The Water Quantity charge on your bill is calculated on the amount of water you use each month. The volume of water used is listed on your bill along with the meter reading. Usage information is also shown for the previous month and last year at this time. This lets you see if your use of water is increasing or decreasing. The rates are based on the cost of treating the water that you use.
Usage Jan 2018
First 3,000 gallons $4.79
Next 17,000 gallons $8.15
Next 980,000 gallons $6.41
Over 1,000,000 gallons $5.37
Wholesale Customers Jan 2018
All Usage $5.13
Water quantity rates are billed per 1000 gallons of usage.
Water for Building, Paving, or Other Temporary Uses
The quantity charge for water delivered through temporary meters for use in building, paving or other temporary processes is a minimum charge of $250.00 plus tax per month, which includes a $20.06 service fee and a $229.94 minimum usage charge. Any water usage charges accrued above $229.94 will be charged at the general service quantity rates.