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Sewer Rates Effective Date:
Sewerage Service Charge
The Sewerage Service Charge on your bill is calculated from the size of your meter. As long as the meter is installed, you will be billed the service charge. The charge is based on the costs the S&WB must pay even if you don't use any sewer services. These costs include maintaining sewerage pipes, treatment plants, etc. Since the S&WB must always be prepared to treat wastes whenever a meter is installed, this part of your bill is sometimes called the "Ready to Serve" charge.
Meter Size (Inches) Jan 2018
5/8 $20.55
3/4 $29.25
1 $41.64
1 1/2 $76.63
2 $112.06
3 $265.74
4 $442.89
6 $885.79
8 $1,328.68
10 $1,771.56
12 $2,037.30
16 $2,745.93
Sewerage Volume Charge
All Residential and Public Housing Class volume charges are applied to 85 percent of the metered consumption, allowing 15 percent of water use for lawn watering and other uses which contribute no flow to the sanitary sewer. Quantity charges for Commercial and Industrial Classes of Customers are based on 100% of metered water consumption. Water used from private wells or non-board sources and discharged to the sanitary sewer system will be metered and the consumption included in computing sewerage volume charges. Any customer who proves only a portion of the metered water usage is discharged to the sanitary sewer system is charged for only that portion of the total water quantity.
Volume Jan 2018
Per 1,000 Gallons $7.15