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Customer FAQ
Have a question for the Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans? Take a look at some questions most frequently asked by our customers to see if they might help to answer any questions you have.
Customer Documents & Forms
New Account Checklists to Close Account Forms and everything in between.
Understanding Your Bill
An interactive bill which will help you to understand the many parts that make up your bill.
S&WB Billing Rates
For your convenience the Sewerage and Water Board has designed a online rate schedule for your review.
Water Help Program
The Water Help Program was approved by the Sewerage and Water Board to assist economically disadvantaged customers in paying their water bills.
Holidays Observed
The Sewerage and Water Board would like to provide you with a list of official holidays which are observed by the board. Our customer service centers are closed on the days listed within this section.
Plumbing Information
The Plumbing Department inspects plumbing work for new construction, renovations, and other building permits, inspects backflow prevention devices, and enforces the Plumbing Code.