Master Plan

How will SWBNO plan for the next 50 years?

  1. 1. Information Gathering and Scoping

    We are collecting and analyzing past plans and studies to establish a baseline of information needed to begin the planning process. We are also asking potential consultants and institutional partners to provide information on what they see as our biggest challenges, and how they might approach them. Workshops with responsive firms will allow us to develop a more refined scope for each planning process and be more efficient with our resources. More information on past plans and studies can be found here.

  2. 2. Community Visioning and Strategic Planning

    We will be conducting a city-wide visioning and outreach process that will serve as the foundation for system planning. The visioning phase will include extensive engagement with the public and other key stakeholders within the community to help us identify emerging trends, community issues, and understand our core community values. The input received will be crucial in developing a community vision for how SWBNO can improve and better serve our customers. We’ve established a Customer Advisory Committee who will oversee the visioning and outreach phase of the master planning process.

    After understanding our customer’s and employee’s vision, we will complete a strategic plan for the next five years that will include goals and performance indicators to help us achieve that vision and measure our progress towards implementation.

  3. 3. System Plans

    Once we’ve established a baseline community vision for our services, we can proceed with planning for rebuilding and improving our physical infrastructure. The focus of these plans will be to help us prioritize our investments over the next 50 years to ensure that we’re being as efficient and smart with our funds as possible, while increasing the use of new technology and making our systems more sustainable and resilient to disasters and climate change.


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