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Fight Fraud
This section contains information about the drinking water in Orleans Parish and how to address common concerns. Our goal is to help customers stay informed about their drinking water.

Read more about The Water System: Water Treatment and Water Quality in New Orleans in the History & Facts section.
Fighting the Freeze
When the temperature drops below freezing, water flowing through your pipes may freeze. Read more information about what customers should do to prepare for freezing weather conditions.
Orleans Parish Drinking Water is Safe
As a result of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, utilities nationwide are receiving questions about possible lead in drinking water. Although the situation in the Flint water system was caused by a change in source of water, the Sewerage & Water Board is sharing information about our drinking water and how to address concerns about lead service lines.
Recommendations for Boil-Water Advisories PDF
A boil-water advisory is a public health announcement that the public should boil tap water before drinking it. When issued, the public should assume that the water is unsafe to drink. This document contains information and recommendations for use during boil-water advisories.
Tips to Reduce Lead in Drinking Water
Read on for tips to help reduce lead in your drinking water.
Customer Information on Lead Service Line Replacement PDF
Read this document for information regarding lead service line replacement between the water main and meter.