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History & Facts
A Historical Look
A look back at the history of the Sewerage and Water Board.
Board of Directors
The Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans consists of the Mayor, the two at-large councilmembers of the City Council, one district councilman selected by the Council, two members of the Board of Liquidation, City Debt, and seven citizen members appointed by the Mayor, in accordance with the law, for overlapping terms of 9 years.
The Water System - Water treatment and water quality in New Orleans
• Water Overview
• Water Purification Process
• Water Service Repair Notifications
• Water Quality Check
• Water Related Files
The Sewerage System - Treatment of wastewater and the steps being taken to upgrade the system.
• Sewerage Overview
• Sewerage System Facts
• Sewerage System Upgrades
• SSERP Monthly Progress Report
• Current SSERP Status (GOSSERP)
The Drainage System - New Orleans has one of the most extensive and complex drainage systems in existence.
• Drainage Overview
• Drainage Facts
• Southeast Louisiana Program (SELA) Overview
• Drainage Related Files