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Where can I pay my bill?

You can pay your bill five different ways:

To Pay by Mail:
Send checks or money orders to:
Cashiers Department
625 Saint Joseph Street
New Orleans, LA 70165

To Pay by Web:
Click on View & Pay Your Bill Online and log in to your account.
We accept Visa, Mastercard and checks.

To Pay by Automatic Bank Draft:
Automatic monthly bank drafts are an easy, convenient, and safe way to pay your Sewerage and Water Board bill. It saves you time and money - no checks to write, no stamps to buy! And its safe. Participating customers receive an itemized bill to review approximately 21 days before the payment is debited. Cancellation of the draft for a single month can be requested for any reason, up to two days before the draft date.

• To enroll, complete and sign the Bank Draft Authorization Form and mail it to the address shown. This authorizes the Sewerage and Water Board to debit your bank account for the amount of your monthly water and sewerage bill and City Service charges assessed by the City.

• To cancel a bank draft for a single month, call Customer Service. You must call at least two days before the draft date (shown on each bill) to ensure the cancellation is properly processed. Some other form of payment may be necessary to avoid late fees.

• To permanently cancel monthly bank drafts, please send a signed letter to Customer Service.

To Pay by Phone:
Call (504) 529-2837

To Pay In Person:
You may pay at any one of our Customer Service Centers. For business hours and to find the location nearest you please visit our Customer Service Section.
Can I have my service temporarily disconnected?

We encourage you to close your account if you do not plan to return to your property within the next 6 - 12 months. Otherwise, you will continue to be billed for service charges.

Only the customer of record or the owner of record can request the account be closed. You may close your account by fax, telephone, mail or website. If you decide to close your account by fax or mail please include a copy of your picture identification i.e., driver's license, military or state ID.

Be prepared to supply us with a forwarding address to receive your final bill and or any refunds due from deposits.
Will my meter be read or will my bills be estimated?

We are diligently working to obtain a reading for our customers each month. However, effective December 1, 2008, if we do not obtain a reading from your meter we will assess a minimum charge for 3000 gallons of water consumption for the month. A standard water service charge plus applicable sales taxes based on your meter size will also apply. When we are able to read your meter, we will bill you for all water usage that passed through the meter since the last reading.

Click here to view all current service charges
Am I responsible for a water service charge?

The Water Service charge on your bill is calculated from your connection size. As long as the meter is installed, you will be billed the monthly service charge bill based on the billing chart shown.

The charge is based on the costs the S&WB must pay even if you don't use any water. These costs include reading your meter each month, replacing your meter if it needs repair, maintaining adequate water pressure, etc.

Since the S&WB must always be prepared to deliver water whenever a meter is installed, this part of your bill is sometimes called the "Ready to Serve" charge.

Click here to view a chart of water service charges
Who is responsible for repairing leaks that occurred during the storm?

As is the usual practice, water leaks on private property are the responsibility of the property owner. Please check your property periodically for apparent water leaks make sure your water lines are secured to avoid unauthorized water usage on your meter.

Effective August 1, 2005, we cannot adjust for water leaks on private property. However, an adjustment can be made for the sewer volume portion of the bill, with verification of repairs confirming that the wasted water was not returned to the sewer system. High bills resulting from a defect in the water meter or some other problem caused by the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans will be adjusted.
Am I responsible for unauthorized usage?

Yes. The customer of record will be responsible for any usage that is detected through the meter, whether theft has occurred or not.
How do I report a water leak or sewer problem?

To report a water leak or sewer problem call (504) 52-WATER (504) 529-2837 or go to our online Report A Problem Form.
How do I get a refund for sanitation fees?

S&WB can not make any corrections for Sanitation charges. Customers must contact the City of New Orleans Treasury Bureau.
Can I be notified if a relative's water is due to be turned off?

Using our Third Party Notification Service, a person, in addition to the customer of record, can be notified when water service is due to be turned off for delinquency. This plan can be of service to senior citizens and customers who are ill and who are unable to handle their own affairs, to attorneys administering estates, and to customers who are frequently out of town.

To enroll, complete and sign the Third Party Notification Form and mail it to the address shown.
What must I do to have sanitation charges removed from my bill if I have a vacant house or apartment?

Although the S&WB bills and collects the Sanitation Fees for the City, we do not adjust sanitation fees. You must contact the City to have your fees removed.

  • Dial 311 from a phone with a 504 area code.
  • Outside New Orleans, dial 658-2299 or 1-877-286-6431.
  • The hearing impaired can dial 504-658-2059 or 1-800-981-6652. Spanish and Vietnamese language assistance available.
What documentation must I bring with me to open a new account?

A New Account Checklist detailing all of this information can be found on the Customer Documents & Forms page. Please visit that page for more information.
My Water Meter Cover is missing. How do I get a new one?

To report a missing water meter cover please call (504) 52-WATER, (504) 529-2837 or go to our online Report A Problem Form.
My Sewer Cleanout Cover is missing. How do I get a new one?

Homeowners are responsible for maintaining their sewer cleanouts and, therefore, it is the homeowner's responsibility to get a new cover. Sewer cleanout covers are readily available at most local plumbing supply stores in and around Orleans Parish.