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Disadvantaged Business Program
The S&WB strongly encourages participation by Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) on all bids and RFPs. Goals for participation are included in the bid documents.

The Economically Disadvantaged Business Program certifies businesses as DBEs and oversees compliance with goals and contractual requirements. Certification by other government agencies does not confer automatic DBE certification by the S&WB. Use the links below to obtain a listing of DBE vendors approved by the S&WB.

Construction - Approved Vendor List
Goods and Services / Professional Services - Approved Vendor List
Participation is, by definition, done by subcontractors. A prime contractor cannot fulfill the participation goal. A DBE certified company acting as the prime contractor must subcontract with other DBE companies to meet the bid goal.

View a report on our prime contractors' commited efforts to meet State & Local Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (SLDBE) goals.
The application for certification as a disadvantaged business is available here. For more information about the certification process, contact the Economically Disadvantaged Business Program.

The RE-CERTIFICATION application is available here.